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Turn followers into customers

Use the Linkin-Bio Solution from V5 Digital, to create a fully-customizable mini-web page. Drive traffic from Instagram & TikTok, easily track analytics, and create a one-stop social media shop.

linkin bio customization

An Africa first Bio solution!

Use one link to connect a global audience to your uniquely local content. 

All the leading brands use it, so why not you?

You use different platforms to connect to your audience but Instagram and TikTok expect a single link to represent you.

A Linkin-Bio solution combines all the sites that make up your online personality into a single URL that's easy to find and easy to click.

Instead of endlessly swapping out links, businesses, brands, and content creators can share a curated landing page that shows their most relevant videos, websites, posts, and stores. 

What Is

What is a Linkin-Bio solution?

A bio solution is a micro web page built into your Instagram and TikTok profiles. It’s the perfect way to keep your content fresh, flexible, and shoppable.

Create your page, drop your link in any bio, and wow your audience with your profile, products and brand.

Drive traffic from Instagram & TikTok to wherever you want.

Link articles, images, videos, pages and ads. Track page visits.
With just one link, your followers can find exactly what they're looking for.

Use it anywhere.

Take your Linkin-Bio to wherever your audience is. Link back all your Instagram, TikTok, videos, and product pages to a single site.

High Speed

Your Linkin-Bio page is small, quick-loading, and mobile-friendly. This is a must have for customer retention!


At V5 Digital our top priority is to help you succeed. We’re here to assist with any issue, big or small, in a time-sensitive manner.



Your bio page takes visitors past your profile to anywhere on the web. Whether it’s to a blog post or a social media promotion, you decide where your followers go next.

How does it



We Create and Customize. We design it according to your brand theme, curate your content, and then drop your new link into your Instagram and TikTok bio.

LinkinBio features
linkin bio platform


Drive Traffic Anywhere

Followers click the link in your Instagram or TikTok bio. Your landing page loads and your users find the page, product, or article they’re looking for.

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Our Story

Our Story

Digital Innovation that helps you grow!

V5 Digital is a leading Digital Marketing Agency that offers innovative Namibian-made solutions to a global audience.


We noticed that many of our clients hated the hassle of changing the link in their social media bio or missed out on messaging opportunities by ignoring it altogether. This inspired us to build a game-changing solution at Algorythm Labs, the innovation and ideation hub at V5 Digital.



Has easily been a game-changer for our Instagram strategy and social strategy as a whole since we can now promote multiple articles a day. 

Joan Marks

Has been a game changer for us, successfully allowing us to utilize Instagram as a traffic resource and not just as an engagement resource. We also now have better than ever alignment between our web content and Instagram.

Raymond Souza

Our landing page is a copy of the account’s grid. This is a seamless experience for our users who are looking for more. We use the analytic reports to constantly re-evaluate and update the content.

Maggie Stalk

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